Ninaya's Virtual Healing Cleanse is a 3-week, 4-phase (elimination, pre-cleanse, liquid diet, integration) Holistic Health Challenge, to boost immunity, awareness and cultivate conscious connections. ~ Be guided, have interactive fun, learn nutritious and educational recipes and remedies, to revitalize ourselves, holistically and whole-heartedly.

Hi, I’m Ninaya. Its my lifes work to help people use holistic methods to find real relief to their symptoms.

As a healthy lifestyle muse, a holistic health coach, wild woman healer, a sweet sister's doula, and a non-stop nurturing mama bear, it is one of my goals to help people find their life balance through food, energy, and lifestyle choices.

I have extensive experience and education in my field. Here are just a few of my credentials...

 AANC (American Association of Nutritional Consultants)

 I-ACT  (International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy)

 Internal Environment Institute School of Shiatsu Massage

 Reiki Center of Los Angeles

 Biofeedback Therapy by Quantum Life

 Yoga College of India

"With Ninaya's help, I have learned when to choose myself over food, and what the best choices are. So grateful for her support, knowledge, and guidance!"

- Melanie Mitchell